Joining the PTSA is an easy way to show support for not only your own child - but every student in our school community.

PTSA at its very core - is about maintaining and expanding public education to have positive, relevant and sustaining benefit for our kids.

PTSA advocates for key initiatives including:

  • Parental involvement
  • School and teacher funding
  • Accountability programs around funding, learning and closing the achievement gap
  • Access to technology that supports real life skills and learning
  • Health and wellness both physically, socially and mentally

MHS PTSA helps the IB Program, Character Ed, PAWS programs, Scholarship funding and curriculum assistance for our faculty.  We support (with money, manpower and donations...) our caring closet and food pantry.  We provide events for faculty throughout the year to show appreciation for their dedication and tireless commitment to teaching.

With your membership - you help us help the students succeed and grow.  Thank you for joining!

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